Featured Artist

Caroline Bass

Artist Statement 

Over the course of the past year, I have created countless iterations of four original landscapes: a mountain waterfall, cliffs at sea, country fields, and waves at sea. Each landscape represents memories of my privilege to grow up surrounded by a vibrant environment. Instead of capturing the nostalgia for these memories in energetic color, I explore the underlying linear structure that composes each scene. While the minimalist greyscale drawings are initially a stark experience, they represent a composed reflection upon fleeting moments that can never be recreated. Ultimately, I hope the viewers can insert their own colorful memories into each template I have created.


Caroline Bass is from Meridian, Idaho and was fortunate to grow up surrounded by the striking Rocky Mountains and West Coast scenery before relocating to Greenville for college. Her natural surroundings have always had a direct influence on her art, with landscapes being her favorite subject to explore. Caroline is currently in her sophomore year at Furman University and is annoyingly present in the art department as she studies studio art and business administration.

Contact Information

Email: caroline.bass@furman.edu

There will be an Artist Reception on Friday, February 7th at 6:30pm.

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Caroline Bass