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Olivia Corso


About the artist:

Olivia Corso is a junior Studio Art and English major on the pre-med track at Furman University. With many different passions, she pursues ways in which her love for drawing, photography, creative nonfiction, biology, and anatomy can fuel one another. In doing so, Olivia hopes to one day be a forensic pathologist, a medical illustrator, and a memoirist all rolled in one. 

Artist's statement:


In my series The Collagen Collection, I photographed natural  history specimens as part of a collaboration with the Furman University  Vertebrae Museum, to combine my passions for biology and photography. My  photographs forge a new way of viewing these specimens by abstracting  them into new images, so that the viewer will see them as both  functioning biological samples and beautiful objects. I focused on the  formal qualities of the specimens – shape, form, texture, shadows  – highlighted through the simple black backdrop. These photographs rely  on the viewer to disassociate the original object from the abstracted  image and to find the hidden beauty within their forms.

There will be an artist's reception on April 26th from 7 - 8:30pm.

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