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Nicholas D’Onofrio

Artist Statement 

Sights of The World

Some people find it hard to believe that the world is so big and vast, but believe me when I say that the world is much larger than you can ever imagine. I have only seen a few of the sights the world has to offer and there are still many more to behold. I have traveled to various locations in Europe and gazed in awe at ancient architecture, nature's grace, amazing views, and much more. These photographs I am sharing only encompass a small fraction of what I have seen. Pictures are wonderful tools for preserving memories of places, people, and even animals, but they do not compare to traveling to and viewing beauty in person. It’s an experience. Each of these places left an impression on me, sights that I will pass and carry on, with the pictures to guide my memories and encourage others who seek adventure to travel.


Nicholas D’Onofrio

Nicholas D’Onofrio is a graphic designer currently living in Greer, SC. He received his B.A at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He grew up in South Carolina but lived for a few years in Zurich, Switzerland. Some of his hobbies include writing, photography, image editing, and traveling. When he isn’t glued to the computer he spends time outdoors, taking pictures of nature or hiking in the forests. He recently started an Instagram account titled: @nsdperspectives 

Contact Information

Email: donofrionick@yahoo.com

Phone: 864-569-4385

There will be an Artist Reception on August 23, 6-8pm.

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Nicholas D’Onofrio

Nicholas D’Onofrio