Featured Artist

Margarette Davis


Artist Statement 

For 25 years I was surrounded by Kentucky culture; horse racing, the Kentucky Derby, bluegrass and bourbon. The same way a horse-shoe imprints the earth, Kentucky left an imprint in my life. The pieces in this collection reflect my experiences that have stayed with me since my time living there. 


Margarette Davis was born and raised in West Virginia, moved to Virginia in 1963 then to Kentucky in 1989. She has been living in Greenville, SC since 2012 and has been studying art at Greenville Technical College. She studied art for 13 years while living in Virginia but took a hiatus from classes when life began to speed up. During her time in Virginia and Kentucky, she produced many fine oil paintings, primarily of wildlife. Now, she has ventured back into the world of art and is experimenting with new mediums and content that she hopes her viewers will enjoy.

There will be an artist's reception on June 14th from 6 - 8:30pm.

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